When creating a new server with Michman you can install a database and create a new database and a database user. You can then use the Michman server's Database page to manage databases, users, and permissions.

If you're creating a Web Server, you will not be able to install a database on that server. Web servers are configured with the minimum amount of software needed to serve your Python application. If you need a database and web server on the same server, you should choose an App Server.

Managing Databases

Over on the server's Database page you can: create or delete databases, create or delete database users and edit database user's permissions.

Connecting To Databases With a GUI Client

Databases on your servers are configured by default for local access only, but most GUI clients will allow you to connect to such databases via SSH.

When selecting the SSH key to use during authentication, ensure that you selected the same SSH key that you've added to Michman. For example, when using the TablePlus database client:

TablePlus SSH Connection Example