SSH Keys

Adding SSH Keys to Your Servers

Before you provision a server for the first time, you should add your own SSH keys to your account. You can do this from your Michman Account SSH Keys Page.

During server creation Michman will add these keys to michman user on your server. This will allow you to manually SSH into your server as michman user.

Michman Access Key

During the server creation process Michman will generate its own keypair so that it may access the server. It will add the public key from this keypair to the authorized_keys file of both the root and michman users. Please make sure not to remove to this key, otherwise Michman won't be able to manage your server.

If this key is ever removed for some reason, you'll have to manually copy the public key from your server's Manage page and place it in both /home/michman/.ssh/authorized_keys file and the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys file on your server.