Your Account

Two-Factor Authentication

You can set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) from your Michman Account Settings Page. Once you enable 2FA - scan the QR code with your phone's 2FA app.

After enabling 2FA you will also be shown a number of recovery codes. Store the codes securely (we recommend using a password manager) - they can be used instead of a generated code in case you lost access to your 2FA device. Each code is single-use, codes can be regenerated at your account's page at any time.

Offline phone application for generating 2FA codes - Google Authenticator:

Email and Password

You can chane your email or password from your Michman Account Settings Page.

Note that you can't change an email or a password if you're registered via OAuth. Please use your OAuth provider's security settings page.

Deleting Your Account

You can delete your account and all the data at any time from your Account Settings Page.

Deleting your account will immediately cancel your subscription and delete all of your account's data. Your data, including billing information and server's credentials will not be recoverable. However, your servers will not be deleted from your server providers and no data will be removed from your servers.